We are here to answer all your questions about joining the Stagecoach family as a franchisee.

How do I apply or find out more information?
Simply fill out the online enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.  If we both feel we have something to offer each other we will invite you to an interview at our head office.  This will give you the opportunity to ask more detailed questions about owning a Stagecoach franchise.

How much does a Stagecoach franchise cost?
The costs vary depending on location and whether you are buying a new school or taking over an existing school.  Please fill out the online enquiry form or call our head office on 01932 254333 for more information.

Are there any age restrictions to becoming a Stagecoach franchisee?
The minimum age for applicants is 24.

What support do you give to new franchise owners?
We will assign a Franchise Manager to work with you.  We will give you comprehensive advice and work closely with you so that we cover every eventuality.  You will have access to our child protection team, creative department, music resource library, marketing and printed material, employment law advice and VAT information.

What training will I need?
We provide a compulsory initial franchise training week at our Stagecoach head office in the UK.

Can I own a franchise if I have no performing arts background?
No.  We require that our applicants have experience either as professional or amateur performers, directors or choreographers, or have trained to degree level in the performing arts, or are qualified teaches of music or arts related subjects.

Do I need business experience to become a Stagecoach franchisee?
You do not need any business experience.  Our systems are simple and easy to manage.  You will have to do some paperwork, but our bespoke online systems allow you to manage your business easily so that you can concentrate on the enjoyment of running your school.

Is there additional training if I need it?
We provide training courses around the world which include staff development workshops, marketing seminars, regional meetings and the annual conference.  None of these are compulsory, but we recommend franchisees attend as many as possible.

Can I open a Stagecoach school in my town?
Yes, if there is an available franchise territory, or an existing Stagecoach school for sale in the area.

How do I find out which areas are available?
You will be sent a full information pack containing the availability of Stagecoach schools and territories once you have filled in our online enquiry form.
Do you have existing Stagecoach schools for sale?
Yes.  A full list is available upon request.

Why do people sometimes sell their Stagecoach schools?
This can be for many reasons, but mainly people sell their schools because they are retiring or relocating.

Can my partner attend the school with me?
Yes.  Anyone can act as your helper as long as they have undergone and passed our enhanced police checks and are aged over 18.

Can I job share?
No.  You cannot alternate weekends with another person.  You must attend every Stagecoach session as named principal (franchisee).  All Stagecoach principals must make a commitment to attend their schools personally at all times, unless prevented by illness or unforeseen circumstances.

Do I have to be present for every school class?
Yes.  The principal must be present for every Stagecoach session.

Do the Stagecoach schools run during the holidays?
All schools take place during term time, with a break for Easter, Summer and Christmas.  Stagecoach schools also run during half terms.

Can I teach at the school if I am the principal (franchisee)?
Stagecoach principals are not permitted to teach, even if a teacher is off sick. This way they can maintain standards and always be available should any issues arise.

Can I recruit my own teachers?
Yes, you can recruit your own staff and head office will provide training and advice to support you with this.