Bienvenido a Stagecoach España.
Stagecoach Spain Early Stages classes are designed specifically for young children aged 4 - 6 years. The class is split up into three 30 minute sessions, lasting 90 minutes in total. The class sizes are kept small (15 max) to enable every child to get the most from the skills learned.

The singing lessons show children where the voice comes and how sound is formed in their bodies. They get to discover the importance of timing and rhythm, improving articulation, all while learning fun and popular songs.

Kids start to refine their motor skills, improving balance and coordination and express themselves freely within the group using simple rhythm and straightforward dance moves.
The drama classes offer children the freedom to stretch their imaginations and go on wildest of journeys. Through this creativity and working as a group they also begin to learn social skills which enable them to share and be thoughtful. As they grow and develop, children find it easier to express themselves physically and emotionally.